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Rooftop Room Music Production

is a platform for music production near the provincial capital of Lower Austria, founded in 1996 as the home base of the Lower Austrian prog rock band Fresh Freddie. Since then we have been offering the complete production process with real musicians in a rehearsal room with attached recording facilities for singer/songwriters or individuals without their own band. We can look back on successful collaborations with: Totgeleben, Pictures of the Rocky Horror, Uhrwerk, Men's Club, Triangle (Top-40), Mr. Spokk needs no fridge, Big Apple, Julian Flat Seven, Martin Wöber, Franky Schirz, Michael Pobisch, Matilda Leko, Tom Niesner, Ulli Bäer, Egon Gröger, Juliane Stieglitz, Joe, Helmut Schneider (the freedom warriors), Sam Gilly (house of riddim) and many more


Foto: Hannah Strobl


You wrote the next number 1 hit

and your basic tracks already recorded? But you don't have any musicians to fill your arrangement with life and play in the missing tracks? Based on your demo with your lead vocal or instrument track, we work out a mature arrangement in consultation with your ideas and play in the missing tracks.

Foto: Hannah Strobl

A song? A demo? An EP, or a complete CD production?

We will discuss your individual timetable for publication with you in advance. Whether as a hard copy or as an online publication with an aggregator.
For mix and master, we work with 2 professional recording studios so that the end result can meet international standards.

Of course, you can also hire any modern recording studio to do a mix and master with a data carrier that contains all the individual tracks.


Graphic | Layout | Video

In addition, we have contactsfor logo development,  CD cover or website creation.

It is also possible to cut videos and prepare them for publication on the Internet.

tonstudio, keyboards
tonstudio, guitars
tonstudio, mixing desk, daw
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