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RELEASE 01|07|2023

Hea Dreckat


Official Music Video

RELEASE 01|03|2023

Markus Sis & Band

"SOUL REBEL" - Official Music Video

The first video for the new EP is now available on Youtube!

New Release 2023

Hea Dreckat

Jaegermeister | single

VIDEO RELEASE 01|07|2023

As incarnate advocatus diaboli, "Hea Dreckat" mocks cheekily and dialectically about the states and unstates of life. Loud - goschert - filthy. Release of the first single in spring 2023

Genre: Rock 

Christian Lotter: voice | keys | bass | producer 

Johannes Maria Knoll: guitar | producer

Martin Nemec: drums | producer

Watch now on YouTube

RELEASE 01|03|2023

The exceptional talent from Herzogenburg and former frontman of the top rock band "Faust ad Donau" will release his new EP with five rocky-soul songs in March 2023. Available on all major Internet portals.


Genre: Rock | soul

Markus Sis: Voc

Christian Lotter: producer | recording & engineering | keys 

Martin Nemec: drums

Johannes Maria Knoll: producer | guitars | bass  

Matthias Dockner: guitar

Max Schleifer: bass


Markus Sis & Band

Nucleus Affairs | EP

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Markus Sis & Band
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New Release 2024

herb M sweet

discover me | Single & album

++ coming up soon ++      stay tuned

Singer & songwriter Herbert Minarik can draw on extensive experience in the Austrian music scene: he was singer and frontman of the St. Pölten rock group "Double'U6", duo partner in "Voice & Guitar" and "Two of a kind" and he was also successful as a solo musician as "Mister M". Some of his own compositions can be booked on Ö3 and other radio stations. In the course of his music career he has given numerous live concerts - in Austria, sometimes also internationally - especially on the Croatian holiday island of Rab. Music has always been part of his life. Now he's taking off again under the pseudonym "herb M sweet" - of course the letter "M" as an established trademark will be retained. And this take-off makes more than sit up and take notice. His always expressive voice is better than ever - the songs tell stories from life. The style of Herbert Minarik's (aka "M") own compositions shows the wide range of his talent. The palette ranges from powerful rock songs to soulful ballads and folk songs with acoustic guitar - all supported by his impressive voice. An album is currently in the making. Produced together with the musicians from Rooftop Room. You know each other from earlier days, have fun and complement each other perfectly. With "Discover me" - the title alone "M" sends a clear message - the first song is finished and is about to be released. More songs are already in the pipeline. The international market is also a clear goal. Extensive productions with a band are one thing - under "herb M sweet (pure)" Herbert Minarik (alias "M") will continue to be experienced in a solo program with his own songs and cover versions of well-known hits

Genre: Pop

Herbert Minarik: Music & Lyrics | vocals | guit 

Christian Lotter: keys | backing voc | producer

Johannes Maria Knoll: guitar | producer

Martin Nemec: drums | producer

New Release 2021

gin tonic.PNG

Fresh Freddie

gin and tonic in heaven | LP

In 2021 the St. Pölten multimedia artist Alfred Nowotny aka Fresh Freddy released his third studio album"gin and tonic in heaven" in collaboration withRooftop Room

Genre: Prog Rock | indie rock

Alfred Nowotny: all music & lyrics | voice | guit 

Christian Lotter: producer | recording & engineering | guitd | keys | bass | sequencing

Martin Nemec: drums

Max Schleifer: bass

Georg Sodeck: bass

albums available

The Storm Is On The Ocean- Fresh Freddie

Bastards- Fresh Freddie

Horror Cousins - Fresh Freddie

Fresh Freddy

santa fe snake | LP

Shame, Paradise & Pain - Fresh Freddie

Olympus Mons - Fresh Freddie

End Of The Line - Fresh Freddie

Fresh Freddy

the victoria & alfred waterfront | LP

The Dead Planet - Fresh Freddie

275 - Fresh Freddie

3pm - Fresh Freddie

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