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Christian Lotter

producer | arranger | sound engineering

voice | keys | good | b | sequencing

Christian Lotter, born in 1967 in St. Pölten, had his first contact with a musical instrument at the tender age of 4, and even then the white and black keys were closer to him than the classic recorder. His musical education started with a melodica and led him over several years on the accordion to the classic Hammond organ including foot bass, and then on to synthesizers and jazz piano. With the appearance of the first affordable workstations for electronic music production at the end of the 1980s (Atari 1040 with Cubase), the course was set for specializing in digital arrangement, sequencing, sampling and later hard disk recording. With more than 500 live performances and 30 years of experience in the studio, Christian brings along tools for many musical styles and production. Keyboarder among others for: Totgeleben, Pictures of the Rocky Horror, Uhrwerk, Men´s Club Fresh Freddie, Triangle (Top-40), Mr. Spokk needs no fridge, Big Apple, Julian Flat Seven, Martin Wöber, Franky Schirz, Michael Pobic, and much more Publications: Fresh Freddie - The Floating Life of Mark, MC (keyb) - 1991 Fresh Freddie - Capital Vaudeville, Live at the Forum, DVD - 1991 Fresh Freddie - The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, CD (keyb | engineer | producer) - 2006 Fresh Freddie - Santa Fe Snake, CD (keyb | engineer | producer) - 2009 Fresh Freddie - Gin Tonic in Heaven, CD (keyb | guit | engineer | producer) – 2021 Markus Sis – Nucleus Affairs, EP (keyb | guit | engineer | producer) – 2022

Johannes Maria Knoll

producer | Arranger 

good | b | sequencing

Johannes Maria Knoll was born in Austria in 1974. At the age of eight he discovered his love for music and especially for the electric guitar. Due to his unmistakable style and versatility, he became a sought-after studio and live musician at a young age. After his first release in 1991, he has worked with a large number of national and international artists over the course of his career and can look back on over 300 (partly award-winning) publications to date. A small excerpt about his collaboration: Gentleman, Samy Deluxe, Afrob, Mono&Nikitaman, House of Riddim, Mesajah, Mellow Mark, Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power), Teacha Dee, Jah Sun, Folke Teggethoff, Anthony B., Texta, Lukascher, Mykal Rose (Black Uhuru), D-Flame, Everton Blender, Ziggi, Jah Mason, Phenomdem, Hornsman Coyote, Ganjaman, Uwe Banton, Jahcoustix, Ranking Joe, Iriepathie, The Freedom Warriors... In 2016 Johannes Maria Knoll decided to release his first instrumental guitar album entitled "transcended", which caused a sensation worldwide. He was accompanied by two masters of their trade: Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode) and Gerald Schaffhauser (House of Riddim).

Martin Nemec

producer | Arranger 

dr & perc

Martin Nemec was born in St. Pölten in 1966 and discovered his percussive side after his first attempts at the church organ. The paternal drummer genes prevailed, and at the age of 14 the first attempts were made with empty detergent drums and differently pitched wine bottles. A year later he founded the first band "Uhrwerk" together with H. Schmied and B. Paweronschits. This was followed by rapid training with Rudi Steger and Peter Huber, two masters in their field. Since 1985 Mats has been drumming live and in the studio with: Uhrwerk, Men's Club, Christian Frei, Prime Target, Carambolage, Backbeat (best dance band Lower Austria 2004), Bauer Train, B&B Project, Shaggy Rats, Margo, Fresh Freddie. Publications: Men's Club Christian Free Bauer Train margo Fresh Freddie "Gin and Tonic in Heaven" - 2021

Artists in Residence

Marcus Schleifer

b | good

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